NU Aqua Leak Stop Valve

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Size: 1/4"
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The NU Aqua leak stop valve is designed to support the Osmosis water filter system below the sink. It boasts smooth functionality and instantly activates upon detecting leaks. Once moisture is detected, the pad expands to shut off the water supply. The Aqua leak is made of high-quality materials and is BPA-free for reliable use. Installation is also made easy for your convenience.

  • Versatile: The NU Aqua Leak Stop Valve can be utilized for various purposes and is compatible with sink water filtration systems, allowing for efficient reverse osmosis.
  • Effortless Setup: This system can be installed easily, without the need for professional assistance, allowing for a quick and convenient installation process.
  • The NU Aqua Leak Stop Valve automatically shuts off when sudden leaks occur, thanks to the expanding sensing pad that takes control of the water supply.
  • Constructed with food-grade polypropylene material for safe and reliable installation into any water filtration system.

The NU Aqua Leak Stop Valve is expertly crafted to cater to the specific requirements of your kitchen. This valve effectively prevents water leaks by immediately shutting off upon detection. Its advanced technology allows for instant expansion upon detecting moisture. Additionally, the valve includes a dependable leak detector and plug for added convenience.

This universal valve is compatible with most RO reverse osmosis systems, enabling quick and easy installation without the need for tools.

The valve is made with high-quality, BPA-free, and food-grade materials. Its purpose is to maintain the safety and cleanliness of food and water. With this budget-friendly solution, you can easily prevent any potential leaks and avoid the costly damage they can cause.


  • 1/4" for Tank RO System

  • 3/8" for Tankless RO System