NU Aqua Leak Stop Valve Replacement Leak Detector Pucks - Pack of 5

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Using NU Aqua Leak Stop Valve Replacement Leak Detector Pucks and water shut off replacement pads are a hassle-free option for protecting your property from water damage. This pack provides you with five detection pucks, so it will last you quite a while.

If water comes into contact with the sensing pad, the pad will expand, which will cause the stop valve to click into place. This will prevent any more water from entering into your leaking water filter or appliance. Avoid expensive mishaps in both your kitchen and the rest of your house.

By putting in automatic water shutoff valves and/or leak detection systems, you can protect your home from flooding and other damage caused by water leaks

The NU Aqua Leak Detector Pucks make use of this highly compressed safety disc, which, upon absorbing water, expands to its original size. After the Water Detection Safety Disc has expanded and tripped the Flowlok Safety Lever, the Water Detection Water Filtration Device will no longer allow any water to pass through it

  • Multipurpose:  The aqua leak may be put to a variety of uses, such as as a component in sink water filtering systems that enables reverse osmosis to be carried out.

  • Simple And Quick Installation:  Even if you don't have help from an expert, you may be able to set up the system quickly.
  • Automatic Detection of Leaks:  The valve will turn off on its own in the event of an unexpected leak. When there is a breach in the water supply, the detecting pad will swell and assume control of the water flow.
  • Materials Made of Food-Grade Polypropylene:  Because the material is safe for consumption, it may be used in water filtration systems without risk.

Why Should You Buy the Leak Stop Valve Replacement?

  • Safe and Secure for Your House: When it senses wetness, the pad will turn off the incoming water supply automatically.

  • Universal Standard Size: Leak stop valves for standard under sink and reverse osmosis systems are interchangeable.
  • Replacement Pads:  It includes three pads, each of which is separately wrapped for convenience in replacement.
  • For Use in Any RO System Application:  Use in conjunction with reverse osmosis systems, ATOs, coffee makers, water filtration systems, ice makers, refrigerator kits, purifiers, and other leak stop valves.


NU Aqua Leak Stop Valves protect your house and prevent water damage with leak detector pucks. An automated water shut-off valve detects water by monitoring pipe flows or sensing water on the floor. 

The valve will turn off the water supply to your home if the flow is uneven or moisture is detected. These can mitigate a major portion of the harm caused by water leaks.


  • 5 Leak Stop Valve Replacement Pucks

  • ASIN: B01 KKOK 8ZW Leak Stop Valve

  • Pad Size: 3/8" diameter x 5/16" height

  • 5x Replacement Pucks are included.

Leak Stop Valve Not Included