NU Aqua Ultraviolet (UV) 1140 GPD LED Water Sterilizer


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The NU Aqua Ultraviolet (UV) has an exceptional 1140 Gallon Per Day (GPD) flow rate, making it a top choice for water sterilization. This compact LED device, installed discreetly under your kitchen sink, emits UV-C light that effectively eliminates harmful microorganisms like bacteria and viruses, ensuring the purity and safety of your home's water supply.

  • The UV-C light effectively eradicates waterborne pathogens by penetrating their DNA, making them inactive without the need for chemicals or additional filtration media.

  • Can function independently or be incorporated into the final stage of any Reverse Osmosis System.
  • The NU Aqua Ultraviolet (UV) 1140 GPD LED Water Sterilizer operates automatically, activating upon water flow and causing no interruptions or changes to your current filtration system.

  • These UV systems require no maintenance for their entire lifespan.

  • The NU Aqua Ultraviolet (UV) 1140 GPD LED Water Sterilizer offers peace of mind by providing an additional layer of protection for your family's health through the purification of drinking water. With its powerful UV light, this product guarantees the safety and purity of your water.

In addition to its features, the NU Aqua Ultraviolet (UV) 1140 GPD LED Water Sterilizer has added advantages. Its installation is seamless and effortlessly integrates into your plumbing system. This addition not only improves water cleanliness but also promotes an eco-friendly method of treatment by eliminating the use of chemical disinfectants. Its compact design and powerful performance make it an efficient and convenient solution for accessing clean, safe, and bacteria-free drinking water directly from your tap.

The NU Aqua Ultraviolet (UV) 1140 GPD LED Water Sterilizer offers unparalleled versatility. It seamlessly integrates with both tank and tankless under-sink reverse osmosis systems, providing enhanced protection against impurities and potential microbiological threats. By incorporating the UV water sterilizer into your system, you can rest assured that your drinking water will be of the highest quality, both in terms of purity and safety.

By utilizing the capabilities of UV-C light, the UV purifier addon transforms the process of water purification beneath your kitchen sink. It effectively eliminates bacteria and viruses, ensuring the eradication of harmful pathogens without the need for chemicals or additional filtration methods. This add-on operates automatically, activating when water passes through the system, requiring low maintenance and no disruption to your current setup. The enduring UV lamp only requires replacement once a year, making it a cost-efficient solution. With its ability to ensure the safety and cleanliness of your drinking water, this addon provides peace of mind and safeguards your family against any potential health hazards.

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  • SKU: HC-UVC-1140GPD

  • Lifespan: 6-7 Years

  • Incoming Water Pressure: 14-80 PSI

  • PH Range: 2-11

  • Water Tempertature: 40-100 F

  • Maximum Incoming TDS: 1000 PPM

  • Maximum SDI: 5

  • Input: 100-260V, 50/60HZ

  • Output: DC 12-24V - 2A

  • Power: 5/10W

  • Switch: Flow Switch

  • Disinfection Waveband: UVC 260-280NM

  • Water Flow Rate: 2-3 L/min

  • Dimensions: 9" x 6" x 2.5"

Included Components:

  • UV Sterilizer System

  • Power Supply

  • Mounting Plate

  • Double Sided Foam Tape

  • Screws

  • 1/4" Tubing